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A Solution to our Troubles

We have some good news that we’d love to share with you. Many of you have read or heard about some of the struggles we’ve had with transport since we moved to the small island of Nosy Mitsio in August... read more

The Sacrifice

The chanting began as everyone gathered behind the stones. I was summoned, and one older lady came over to help me tie my traditional cloth properly around my body. Then I was told to take off my shoes. She walked with me over the burning hot sand to where everyone was already seated... read more

Death and Life

Several scattered skulls, the stench of rotting flesh, and a handful of abandoned shacks were the only things remaining from the week’s festivities that ended just that morning. The quietness of our village was a huge difference from the hundreds of people partying and worshiping their ancestors here during the preceding days. read more

The Fake

I stood on the beach, arms crossed, staring out at the clear blue water of the ocean as tears slowly trickled down my face. Then almost as soon as they began they were finished. My eyes hardened as well as my heart. I was angry with God. read more

Life at Sea

There’s a lot we don’t know about living near the ocean and depending on it for so many aspects of our lives. I should’ve had my first clue about that over a month ago when I took my first boat ride to Nosy Mitsio from Port St Louis... read more

The Faithful Foreigner

The past year and a half has been a life of transience for us. During this time we’ve traveled over 40,000 miles! We’ve stayed for over a week in 11 different places including 5 different countries, traveled in 15 planes, 4 boats, hiked probably a hundred kilometers, and have... read more

Back to Madagascar!

Just a few days from now, on Sunday, we'll be leaving the US again to head back towards Madagascar! We've really had a great time in the States, but as great as this time has been for us, it also really feels like it's time to get back to Madagascar... read more

Distant Shores

We’d been looking forward to this trip for months, with both hope and fear. We couldn’t wait to see the place where we’ll live for the next few years and meet the Antakarana people to whom God is calling us. Our boat was speeding over the ocean towards it: the unknown place... read more

Big News!

We've been living here in Madagascar for more than a year now and it's been quite an adventure so far! Well, our time of adventure doesn't look to be ending any time soon and instead is taking a surprising new turn... read more


In the village of Antenina where Adam and I went with a team of 6 other people to do ministry and community development, there is an old man who never comes out of his hut or speaks to anyone, not even his family. His name is Fongy. He refuses to bathe, he won’t cut his hair or his nails and he never... read more

The Old Life and the New

Even Madagascar’s biggest cities are relatively undeveloped, with traditional markets being the main source of food, few paved roads, and most homes without indoor plumbing. But we went a long ways even from that... read more

Knowing His Voice

I don’t have a captivating story to tell, but I do feel that I need to share something that God has been revealing to me more and more. We as Christians have entered into new life with Christ. His spirit lives within us as we usher in His kingdom and play a role in the restoration and healing of all creation. But what does that look like... read more

Pressing On

It was three days before the day we’ve long waited for: the day we’d leave town, take a long ride in a van, go about one hour upriver by canoe, then three hours over hills and through rice fields by foot, and finally arrive in the village of Ambodihazina, where we’d begin a new work – making relationships, learning village life in Madagascar... read more

The Next Phase

Since our last month’s newsletter, many things have been happening in our lives here in Madagascar. So here’s a quick update: My sister came to visit and experience Madagascar with us for a few weeks. Matimu had his first birthday and is now standing up, climbing, and cruising around the room on his own! Our first phase of learning here in Madagascar is finished... read more


Imagine taking a regular-sized van made for about 12 people: 3 rows plus the front seat. Then squeeze the 3 rows of seats closer to each other so that you can put another seat in the back – bumping the available space to about 15 people with very little leg-room. Each row is technically made for three people. Now, take that same van and start by... read more

Ny Fanjakan’ Andriamanitra – “The Kingdom of God” – our first preaching in Malagasy!

Sunday, April 15th, was our first opportunity to share with a church using only the Malagasy language.  One of our good friends here in Antsirabe invited us to spend the weekend with him in a distant village to the west, where his parents are pastors of a church.  They also asked us to do the preaching.  They only gave us a 2-day notice on it, but we managed to prepare a short sermon for them, which was... read more

Our Story

Big and pregnant, waddling from my car and through the automatic sliding door, I crossed into the world of “baby”.  From front to back and top to bottom and everywhere the eye could see, baby products greeted me with vivid thoughts of my soon-to-be-born son… how I would take walks with him and what it would be like to carry him around in Madagascar.  Seeing the rockers, I imagined myself sitting in... read more

His Only Son

In our small upstairs apartment, we had just started our language lesson for the day and began by asking our teacher for the answers to some puzzling questions.  Matimu was having fun playing in his walker, right next to Lora, grabbing at our teacher’s purse dangling from her chair. A couple seconds later we heard a thump from just outside.  Matimu was no longer in the room with us. For me, time sort... read more

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